Beauty Tips

Skin Health

Evening Primrose

This oil has a high concentration of omega-3 oils and gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) that has been shown to help prevent and ease symptoms of psoriasis , eczema and other skin conditions, it helps to maintain the skins water barrier, the essential fatty acids keep nails healthy and prevent cracks, and nourish the scalp and hair.

Overcome Dry Skin

Oats contain natural anti-inflammatory properties which can help reduce skin flare ups. For home remedy, add a few cups of oats to a warm bath and wallow for 15 minutes to calm problem skin.

(Or Place in a stocking bag and run under the tap while running the bath)

Dark Circles Around The Eyes

• Anaemia
• Tiredness due to lack of sleep
• Too much sugar and starch in diet
• Lack of fresh air and exercise
• Poor elimination, creating build up of toxins in the system

• Eat food thats rich in iron
• Diet
• Detoxify the system and reduce starch and sugar
• Increase water intake to 2 litres min
• Regular exercise
• plenty of fresh air

• Fizzy drinks, Alcohol, tea, coffee
• starch and sugar

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